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Day 1- Wales

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sunny 17 °C
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Well, we're off!

The weather was great this morning, promising a nice weekend. Paul realised his M.O.T would expire on Tuesday, so had to nip out to try and re-new his tax. Quick drink and we were under way.

The first leg to Oxford was nothing special, in fact not until we got past Gloucester did the roads get nicer. But it gave us a chance to get into the rhythm of the trip. Rode with (what I thought) an interesting bober style chopper which had the early Harley style bars circa 1940's.

Once we hit Brecon on the A40 the rods became really good with long non-threatening curves. It was around 4:30 and we both admitted later we were getting tired, which probably explains why we got detoured to Newport, quickly resolved with the help of Tom Tom.

We arrived at Twynpath digs, just outside of Fishguard around 7pm both feeling tired. Ifor and his wife at Twynpath could not have been more friendly or helpful. Immediately on arrival Ifor got the bikes in the garage and his dear wife made us a pot of tea. They did make great pains to point out that we hadn't asked for an evening meal! So Ifor drove us to the local pub to grab a bite to eat and picked us up later when we had finished for the price of fuel. Fantastic.

So full bellies, numb bums and tired we retired.

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11 Days to go.

Most of the prep work done.

rain 15 °C

Got all the accommodation booked now. Slight route adjustment as I have decided to miss out Limerick & Tipperary in favour of going straight to Killarney on the grounds that a village was in preference to a city!

So digs are as follows:
Fishguard: http://www.twmpath.co.uk/

Killarney: http://www.gleannfia.com/index.htm

Rosslare: http://www.victoriahouse.ie/index.html

Also got the front tyre changed on my Fazer and very pleased with the difference, much more positive in the corners. So that's it, 'nothing stopping us but the doin of it all'.

Next thing to do is try out the camera mount on the bike and the rear pack.

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13 Days to go!

Mobile upload test

sunny 20 °C

OK, thought I would try a quick test to see if I can easily make entry's with my mobile.
The intention is to use this method to update this page while on the move.
I don't have any pictures I can upload at the moment so I will try that at a later date.
My video camera mount arrived in the post today and it looks like this will work just fine. It clamps to the handle ars and I was worried the bikes screen might obscure the cameras view, but it seems fine, which is great news, so we should have some video footage. As long as the camera doesn't fall off the bike. I might use a lanyard as a security strap!
Anyway need to still book digs in Ireland, I have found some for Rosslare but having doubt's about Limerick as a destination and may adjust the route slightly. We will see.

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14 days to go

Planning stage.

overcast 16 °C

Got this blog set up so that I can hopefully update this on the move. Its a trial run if I'm honest for possible longer events.

Anyway, for those that don't know I passed my motorcycle test last year and this is my first serious trip out. Four days to southern Ireland and around 850 miles, although the route might change slightly yet.

I will be going with Paul who is a more seasoned rider than I am, and has experience of touring on the continent, albeit some time ago.

Paul an I went for a 200 mile trip (unintentionally) a few weeks back to get a feel for the distance being covered and it was quite easy though tiring. This was hopefully giving us a feel for the distances we will be covering on each of the four days in Ireland.

So 14 days to go.....and still plenty to do. Ferries are booked as are digs in Fishguard, digs in Ireland to do and new front tyre as well as minor bike prep. Luggage is ready to go, bought some waterproofs, as it will undoubtedly rain.

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