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2 Wheels 2... Ireland '09 video

sunny 10 °C

Finally got round to finishing of the video of the Ireland trip, please check it out on You Tube at the below Link.


Makes me pine for the next trip.


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Packing list and lessons learnt.

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Well what did I learn on my first Motorcycle trip, what did I take, what did I forget?

I have to admit if you do some research on the net you will cover most things with regards to packing etc. The guys on the Fazer forum were helpful and below is my actual packing list.

Tank Bag
Passport, V5, MOT cert, Insurance, E111, AA card, Ferry Tickets, Important numbers (in case your phone dies or is lost)
Bottle of water, Tissues x 2 packets, Baby Wipes, Ibuprofen / Paracetamol, First Aid kit, Pen Knife, Map, Ear plugs, MP3 player, Disc Lock, Carrier bags, Spare bulbs, Notebook and pen, Camera and charger, Phone and charger, Sat Nav, Bungies, Tape, Waterproofs, Spare Key fob battery, Visor cleaner, Sml Torch, Cable ties.

Tail Pack (or panniers if you prefer)
Wash Bag
Toothbrush / Toothpaste, Razor, Shower Gel, Deodorant, Flannel
Clothing etc
Tea bags, 1 x t-shirts per day, 1 x sweat shirt or small coat, 1 x pair of jeans, 1 x undies per day, 1 x pairs of socks per day, 1 x sml towel, 1 x pair of shoes, 1 x Toilet roll

With regards to the trip the route was fine especially the return from Killarney along the coast road. What we should have done is had an extra day or two and made a base camp at Killarney and explored the area without luggage on the bikes etc. As opposed to continuously travelling everyday.

We were very lucky with the weather and only had one morning of damp drizzle, so I still need to test myself on that regard.

Would I do it again, damn yes. If you enjoy riding your bike you will love a road trip. I fancy going across the channel next either France, but more likely Spain / Portugal.

The Fazer coped well with the trip but was a little light for the motorway return leg from Fishguard to Newbury, a larger cc'd bike would have coped better, revving lesss and if fully faired give you better wind protection, but otherwise the Fazer was great.

So that's it. I have some video to edit which I will post up as soon as I have put it together, then plan the next trip.

Thanks for reading.
Dave Baxendale.

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Day 4 - Last day

Homeward bound

sunny 19 °C

Early rise this morning so we could prep for the ferry. Neither of us were looking forward to the return ferry trip after the last one, so skipped a full breakfast in favour of toast and cereal.

Straight on the ferry for 3 hrs of........a super smooth crossing, couldn't believe it.

PIC020.jpg PIC021.jpg PIC022.jpg

Once back in Wales (approx 1pm) we decided that we would crack on and head straight for the M4 to get home in the shortest possible time.

I have to admit I suffered here, having the smaller bike, I was buffeted around in the cross winds which made the journey tiring and a little dull, even with the mp3 player doing its bit to add some pleasure. Paul faired a lot better with the heavier bike and full fairing making this kind of riding a lot easier, although the his high speed filtering had my heart in my mouth a couple of times.

We had a quick stop on the M4 services (Leigh Delamere, I think) for a re-fuel and quick snack ready for the final haul.

We decided we would both just head home know and thanked one another for great company and a great trip, until next time.

I arrived home around 5:30 almost with a tear in my eye as I had missed the wife and kids so much.

So the last day was all about the miles and chewing them up quickly, not the best but necessary.

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Day 3 - Killarney to Rosslare

Surprise, surprise!

sunny 19 °C
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I woke this morning to learn that Paul had been sick through the night, suspecting an acidic stomach (nothing to do with red wine & Guinness then?). We had an Irish breaky which was a bit lean, not as good as the welsh version. We decided to take the coastal road to Rosslare and go through Killarny national park.

WOW!! The Killarney national park has some jaw dropping scenery, we would stop; take some photos (with the bikes in shot of course) then saddle up feeling visually satisfied; go round the next bend and outcrop to find yet another jaw dropping view of a valley, mountain or lake. It truly was amazing scenery. We had to agree not to stop any more, as it was adding to much time to the journey.

P1000876.jpg P1000875.jpg P1000873.jpg

P1000877.jpg P1000872.jpg P1000886.jpg P1000885.jpg

When we left Killarney national park, we followed the coast road, which while nice an scenic, the experience was marred by crap tarmac, now I know why my dad wouldn't let paddy's do his drive. Seriously, these roads wore me down, they would bounce you out of your seat, which at 50 miles an hour, gets boring and with no way to see some of the undulations, the going was rough.

P1000888.jpg P1000882.jpg

Once back on the main roads, we could gather some momentum, along with a quick roadside coffe and spirits were once again lifted.

We made good time and rolled into Rosslare for 7pm, checked in at the B&B and then nipped out to the local fo a steak & pint of guiness, a quick call to the loved ones rounded of a very god day.

Overall, it was a very good decision to take the coastal road (thanks Conner), 800+ miles already with Wales to Hampshire next and another flippen 3 hour ferryoller coaster, aaagghh.

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Day 2 - Killarney bound

& the worst ferry ever!!!

sunny 18 °C
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We both slept well after yesterdays 270 miles, which in hindsight is about 70 miles too much on winding A roads.

Anyway, full breakfast (welsh!) and a great nights sleep ready for day 2, or so we thought.

It's a short 15 ish miles to the ferry port made bad by mist and drizzle, limiting visibility and never mind wet grids, wet cow shit is like flippen Teflon, non stick, as a twitchy rear wheel testified.

Straight on to the ferry on arrival to the dock. But the ferry itself was the worst either of us had been on, most people being sick, some just where they sat, bad!

Ireland, straight of the ferry, no checking or anything & straight on to Killarney. The roads are amazing. Car drivers are so bike aware and pull out of your way.. Great gentle winding roads, all 170 miles to Killarney.

P1000871.jpg P1000870.jpg P1000868.jpg

We arrived at Killarney around 8:30, no food at the digs so quick shower and short ride into Killarney, which is a little party town at night, all ages clapping to Irish jigs and drinking black Guinness,great.

So up to now great weather, great roads in Ireland. Tomorrow, back to Rosslare, but maybe by coastal road?

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